Creepy Doll Halloween Voice: Spook Your Discord Group Chats!

Halloween: A time for tricks, treats, and… creepy voices powered by artificial intelligence? If you’re searching for a Halloween voice changer, you’ve come to the right place. At Voicemod, we always have a few tricks up our sleeve to make spooky season that much spookier. And this year, we’ve released a brand new AI voice to help you creep your friends out on Discord or any other chat groups. Are you a content creator or streamer? What better way to get your audience engaged and in the October spirit than with a creepy AI voice! 


Take a look at our new Creepy Doll AI voice and how you can use it to take your group chats or live streams to new levels of spooky.

Halloween AI Voice Changer: What Is the Creepy Doll Voice?

There’s something about dolls that can just be so creepy. That was the inspiration behind our latest Halloween voice in our AI voice collection. Our Creepy Doll AI voice features two “characters,” Maggie and Myself. You’ll also hear some scary doll music playing in the background to give your voice just the right amount of creepiness. 


Go ahead and play around with the parameters and effects, like background effects, pitch, “evilness,” space, and voice volume, until you get the exact voice you’re looking for.

How to Use Our AI Creepy Doll Voice Changer 

Once you get your Creepy Doll Voice up and running, it’s time to share it with the world! Connect Voicemod to Discord or any other communications platform you like and start speaking with your new scary doll voice to spook your friends and get a few laughs. If you’re streaming or creating video content for your channel, shake things up a bit with a Halloween-inspired video using our Creepy Doll voice changer. What better way to impress your audience than with an AI voice! 


Creepy Doll Halloween Voice: Spook Your Discord Group Chats!



For tips and tricks on how to get the most out of our real-time AI voices, check out our ultimate guide to AI voices


Before you start using this new voice, check out this super creepy video for a bit of inspiration!

Get the Creepy Doll Halloween Voice… If You Dare! 

You’re all set! Now all that’s left to do is download Voicemod if you haven’t already and start using our Creepy Doll AI voice. If you have Voicemod Pro, you can use this voice any time you want. If you don’t have Voicemod Pro–no worries; you can upgrade directly in our desktop app–you’ll have access to one AI voice on rotation every day! Play around with the different voices we have in the Voicebox feature of our app and pair your voice with terrifying Halloween sound clips from Tuna, our community-generated library with thousands of sound clips to choose from. 


Happy Haunting!

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