Celebrity Voice Changer: How to Create Your Own Celebrity Voice

What is a celebrity voice changer


A celebrity voice changer is a software that allows you to modify your voice to sound like someone or something else, in this case, a popular person. There are several apps in the market that make people sound like an animal, a robot, a spaceman, or something else. But we’ll tell you everything about how to sound like a celebrity in this post: How celebrity voice changers work, why people use them, and what are the most popular celebrity voices of all times. Keep reading!

How to use a celebrity
voice changer app


A voice changer app is very easy to use. Some of them can change your voice in real-time and have already preloaded voice effects or voice filters to alter the sound of a voice. This is the case with Voicemod. To use this app you just need to download the celebrity voice changer at the bottom of this page, install it on your PC, enable ‘Hear Myself’ and ‘Voice Changer’ at the bottom of the window and go to the left hand side menu and select ‘Voicebox’.


In the Voicebox you will see different voice effects that will make you sound different. There are several effects for free and many more for pro users. If the celebrity you’re looking for doesn’t sound like any of the filters available in Voicemod, keep reading because we’ll tell you how to create the voice filter yourself.

Why do people want to sound like a celebrity?


There are several reasons why people want to sound like a celebrity. The main one is that many people normally don’t like their own voices. They might like it while speaking but not when they listen to themselves in a Whatsapp audio or any other recording. 


Another reason is merely the pranking factor behind a voice modifier. People just want to make a joke and use this software to surprise a friend or a relative. 


And another of the common uses for voice changer tools is the impersonation factor. There are several gamers and streamers out there who want to sound like someone else in gameplay or during streaming. One good example of this is the well-known YouTuber Tiko, who uses a voice changer to sound like a baby in Omegle and Fortnite videos. His voice is now a key companion of his online fish persona and a lot of people want to sound like him. Read here our article: Tiko Voice Changer: A Perfect Mix for Success.

Most Popular Celebrities to Sound Like


According to IMBd website, the top 10 most recognizable celebrity voices in Hollywood are the following:


  1. James Earl Jones
  2. Vincent Price
  3. James Stewart
  4. Sean Connery
  5. Morgan Freeman
  6. Sam Elliott
  7. Anthony Hopkins
  8. William Daniels
  9. Roger Jackson
  10. Don LaFontaine

How to Create Your Own Celebrity Voice With Voicemod

Inside Voicemod you will find different functionalities and one of them is the Voicelab, a voice maker tool that allows users to play with pitch, reverb, delay, vocoder, and many other effects to modify their voices and create a custom one.


Read our article How to sing better and find a step-by-step guide to creating a singing voice like Arianna Grande, Justin Bieber, or Kayne West.


Download Voicemod app below and start using the celebrity voice changer today.

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