AI Voice Scams: What You Need to Know

With AI technology becoming more common and readily available, AI voice scams are becoming increasingly common. How common, you ask? Take a guess what the most commonly reported fraud in 2022 was. That’s right. Voice imposter scams. 


Let’s get one thing straight: We at Voicemod are big fans of AI voice technology (obviously). Our collection of AI voices has empowered millions of people to sound how they want online and to explore their self-expression through audio. But… with great power comes great responsibility. And that is certainly the case with AI voices. 


One of the best ways to use AI technology safely and responsibly is by knowing what to look out for in the first place. Keep reading to learn more about AI voice scams and how you can use this technology, like Voicemod’s AI voices, safely to have fun online. 

Most Common Types of AI Voice Scams 

Bank Fraud

One of the most common types of AI voice scams is bank fraud, which is when someone uses AI-generated voice clones to impersonate bank representatives or to break into someone else’s account. They usually try to get the victim to share sensitive information, like account numbers and passwords, which can result in financial loss or identity theft. Be sure to verify the identity of the caller before you share any sensitive information, especially when receiving unsolicited calls or messages. 

Social Media Impersonations 

Next up, we have social media impersonations. This type of scam is when someone uses AI voice technology to create fake social media profiles and impersonate celebrities or other well-known individuals. These voice clones can sound exactly like the actual person, which can be scary, as the fraudster can use them to say controversial things online. Users should always be careful when interacting with unfamiliar social media accounts. 

Business Email Compromise 

This type of scam involving AI voice technology is when someone tries to impersonate a senior executive or business partner in a phone call or video conference. The goal is usually to get the victim to transfer funds or sensitive information to the fraudster’s account. 


The best way for businesses to protect themselves from this type of scam is to have strict security protocols in place when it comes to financial transfers or any sensitive information. The person should always be verified, and companies should train their employees to spot BEC scams to help prevent these serious issues from occurring. 

Tech Support Scams 

Another common AI voice scam is when fraudsters use AI voice clones to impersonate tech support representatives and convince people to pay for fake services or install malware on their computers. People should be very cautious when receiving unexpected phone calls like this. Again, the best way to protect yourself here is to verify the legitimacy of the company and caller before sharing sensitive information or making a payment.

Voice Phishing 

Finally, we have voice phishing, which involves using AI voices to pretend to be a trusted contact of the victim and trick them into sharing sensitive information or sending money to a fake account. This is very common and often occurs with fraudsters calling senior citizens, pretending to be a grandchild who needs money. As with most of these AI voice scams, the best way to protect yourself from voice phishing is to verify the caller and make sure it’s legit before you ever share personal information or send money.

Harness the Power of AI Voices – Safely! 

There you have it: The most common AI voice scams and how to detect them so that you can prevent them from happening to you. Remember, AI voice technology is incredibly powerful and calls for users to enjoy them responsibly. By using this technology safely, you can enrich your online interactions like never before!


Whether it be for getting into character in one of your RPG sessions, engaging with your audience while streaming, or just messing around with your friends on Discord, enjoy all that our AI voices have to offer for users who wish to use their power for good. 

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