AI Voice Generator: How to Speak Like Your Favorite Characters

Whether you’re hanging out on Discord with friends, immersing yourself in your next TTRPG character, or setting the right mood in your gameplay, a top-quality AI voice generator can take your online interactions to the next level. And that’s why we’re going to show you how to sound like some of your favorite characters using our real-time AI voice generator. 


A few things to know before we get started: You’ll want to download the free Voicemod desktop app so you can follow along and play around with the different voices and soundboards. Once you have the Voicemod app open and your new voice ready to go, you can go ahead and start using Voicemod with Discord or any other communications platform you like. 

Do you have Voicemod downloaded? Awesome! Take a look at some of the fantastic ways you can have fun with our real-time AI voice changer and soundboard:

Robot Voice Generator 

Are you a Transformers fan? Use our robot voice generator to give you the best Optimus Prime impersonation! How about Jarvis from Iron Man? Or maybe you’re more into the Wall-E robot voice… Whichever you prefer, our voice changer offers multiple options for you to get the exact robot voice you want! 

Head into our desktop app and search for the Robot, Android, Bot, or Police Bot voices. You can also check out our collection of AI voices, which has the AI-9000 voice filter. To learn more, check out our guide on how to use a robot voice changer.

Girl Voice Generator

Maybe your online persona identifies as a girl. We’ve got you covered! Our Alice voice filter uses the power of AI to give you an insanely realistic-sounding girl voice in any voice chat. Whether you want to shield your real identity online or you just want to immerse yourself in a completely different character, a girl voice generator is fun and easy with our voice changer.

Spongebob Voice Generator

There’s nothing quite as iconic as the Spongebob voice–or, more notably, his laugh. And we’re not going to lie: This is not an easy voice to nail. If you want to get the perfect Spongebob voice, it’s going to require a bit of voice acting on your end. As for as a Spongebob voice generator goes, we recommend playing around with our Custom Pitch voice. Set the pitch as high as you need to until you think you’ve got just the right amount of annoying and awesome in your voice.

Batman Voice Generator

Another voice that definitely calls for you to learn some tips for voice acting is the epic Batman voice. You’ll also want to use our Custom Pitch voice for this character–only this time, drop the pitch way down to get that iconic deep voice. If you want to take this voice to the next level and give a Christian Bale-inspired performance, do a raspy voice while using Custom Pitch. With a bit of voice acting, some raspiness, and our Custom Pitch, who’s to say you can’t be the next Batman? 

TikTok Voice Generator 

Maybe you’re just looking for a TikTok voice generator to give your content more of that “wow” factor. We hear you! Our collection of voices and soundboards is ideal if you’re looking for new ways to engage your audience and create more unique content. Check out this guide on how to change your voice on TikTok to step up your content creation game.

Generate Voices in Real-Time in Your Voice Chats!

There you have it: How to use our voice generator to impersonate different characters in real time. We could go on and on about how easy and entertaining our voice changer is, but we’d rather you try it for yourself. Remember: There’s no wrong way to use Voicemod! Download our desktop app for free and explore all the different voices and sounds that you can share with your community online for an overall better experience. 

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