7 Tips for Livestreaming Like a Pro

Attention all live streamers!!! Ever find yourself wondering how to improve your live streaming? Whether you’re just getting started or you’re one of the big names in the streaming world, we’re here to offer up our top tips for live streaming.


Streaming is bigger than ever at the moment and Twitch in particular is a game-changer for boosting engagement and allowing fans to watch a new game in action. While a fast internet connection and the right technology are definitely important, there’s more to it than meets the eye when it comes to gaining popularity and making a name for yourself in the streaming community.


You’ve got all the right tools, but what’s the true key to livestreaming success? Let’s get started with our Twitch streaming tips for beginners and experts alike! To learn even more tips for Twitch streamers, check out this article

1. Let your viewers take control


7 Tips for Livestreaming Like a Pro


Engage, engage, engage. This is arguable the most important thing when it comes to livestreaming. Get your viewers involved. Change how you stream so they’re not just viewers in front of their own screens at home, but instead, they’re interacting with you. But don’t just let them interact—encourage them to interact. If there’s a decision to make, don’t make it on your own. You’ve now got a team of viewers to help you out, so use them!


With the  Voicemod Live Twitch extension, you can let your viewers take the wheel and put a spin on your voice. Choose your favorite voice filters and let your viewers run wild. This will make your content more engaging and is an easy way to improve your livestreaming. What’s more, you set your own prices for the voice effects, which lets you make money and keep your viewers entertained at the same time. 


Remember, one of the advantages of streaming is that it’s in real-time. So keep an eye on the chat room and engage with what people are saying. That said, it’s worth getting some moderators as your channel grows to avoid spam or repetitive comments.

2. Use your socials to your advantage

How are people meant to find out about you if you don’t promote your platform?


Getting your name out there is one of the more difficult aspects of learning how to livestream for beginners. But it’s also something that even experts in the game need to stay on top of. 


Promoting your channel on social media and streaming forums will tell people what you’re doing, and that you care about doing it. The more attention you get on social media, the more viewers you’ll get on your live streams. Twitter is very popular with the live streaming community, so it’s a great place to start. Post content about what you’re doing and engage with other live streamers and your followers. 


Announcing when you’re going live ahead of time will remind your regular viewers and catch the eyes of new ones. 


Creating an online presence is very important when it comes to building your popularity.

3. Play to your strengths


7 Tips for Livestreaming Like a Pro


People don’t want to watch someone fail level after level. It’s as tedious for you as it is for them. Instead, play to your strengths so that you can make more progress and offer more varied content to your viewers. 


They’ll be looking to pick up on your strategies and see what’s to come in future levels, so having to repeat level one over and over again is going to get very boring very quickly. The more you have to offer, the more viewers you’ll gain. Live streaming a range of games will also attract a wide range of viewers, too. However, remember to play to multiple strengths, not just whatever comes in at number one. 


Check out this article on how to build a brand on Twitch for more tips!

4. Consistency is key

When you’re just starting out and don’t have a large following yet, it can be difficult to stay motivated to livestream on a regular basis. But being consistent is ultimately what will get you noticed and then remembered.


Consistency is key in terms of when you livestream and what you’re livestreaming. As we already mentioned, play to your strengths but don’t stick to a strict schedule of what you livestream. While your viewers should generally know what to expect from your channel, feel free to mix things up every now and then with some one-off features. You’re not trying to confuse your online community, just keep them interested. 


Think beyond the time and day of your livestreams. Consider what individual games you’ll livestream and how long you’ll play for. Longer streams will help you get discovered, but only if your content is up to par, too. There’s nothing more obvious than trying to fill time. Keep up the pace and know when it’s time to log off—for the sake of both your attention span and theirs!


Planning ahead will also help you balance what content you’re creating, how often, and how long for. 


If you want a loyal community, be a loyal streamer. You can easily encourage regular viewers by streaming at a regular time so they know to expect your content. And most importantly, if you’ve told people you’ll be online, you’d better not let them down.

5. Be your own character


7 Tips for Livestreaming Like a Pro


Think about what your favorite streamers do and what it is about them that makes you tune in time and time again. There’s got to be a reason why you prefer some live streamers over others. 


Of course, the games they play probably helped you tune in in the first place, but a big factor in making you stay is probably their personality. Being yourself is very important and showing your personality is what will keep people hooked. Add in your personal insights and experiences while you play—after all, you’re the only one who can offer them. 


Your enthusiasm and passion for what you’re doing also speaks volumes to your viewers. Prioritize having fun over what you think will sell best. It’s not your job to sell the game, you’ve just got to focus on the quality of your streaming. If you’re bored, we promise, your viewers will be bored, too.  


What is it about YOU that’s more entertaining, more engaging and all-round better than all the other streamers out there? Why should people tune in to your live streams over someone else’s? Whether your niche is retro games, indie games, or how you play them, having something different about you and your channel will make you stand out from the competition.

6. Know your audience

When do you get the most viewers? Weekend afternoons or Tuesday evenings? What games are people talking about the most? The next big thing or a classic that got popular again? Why are they watching your livestream? Maybe it’s for advice, recommendations, or to improve their own technique. Whatever it may be, tailor your content to your audience and they’ll keep coming back for more.


When you’re trying to get to know your viewers, an easy way to do it is by asking questions. Have fun and treat your viewers like friends. You’re all tuning in for the same reason—to have fun and be entertained. So relax, be friendly, and get the people talking.


Asking what they want to see in other live streams is always a good question to ask in case you feel the conversation running dry!

7. Set goals


7 Tips for Livestreaming Like a Pro


It’s important to set yourself some goals that you can keep track of. Make sure you don’t dishearten yourself by setting goals that are unrealistic or that you have no way of hitting any time soon. Goals help you maintain focus and keep your eyes on the prize. But just remember not to put too much on your plate! 


Break up your livestreaming dreams into smaller goals that you can share and celebrate with your online community. You don’t want to have to wait a year before you can celebrate all the work you’ve put into your channel.

That’s a wrap!

Last but not least, be patient. Growing your online streaming community doesn’t happen overnight—even though we would all love if it did. It takes hard work, your originality, and perseverance. Channel the same effort into your livestreams as you put into your gaming, and you’re guaranteed to see results. And remember: Engagement is the name of the game here. How you engage with your viewers is key to a successful channel. 

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