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Voicemod's Text to Song is an entirely browser-based AI music
generator. This means you can easily create free text to song music
online directly from your mobile or desktop browser.

After creating your song, you can then share your creation with
anyone and anywhere.

Welcome to AI generated music!

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Set the mood choosing from different instrumentals

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Dark Trap image

Dark Trap

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Lazer Beam Image

Lazer Beam

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Dark Trap image

Stay With Me

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Move Your Body image

Move Your Body

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Break is over image

Break is Over

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Happy Birthday image

Happy Birthday

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Hallelujah image


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With Voicemod Text to Song, text messages are a thing of the past. Share fun song snippets with your loved ones in seconds through communication platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger or social networks like Tiktok, Instagram or YouTube Reels.

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Songify any text, with style!


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Listen to some examples

  • Ed Dark Trap

    Dark Trap

    by @Ed

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  • Jerry Break Is Over


    by @Jerry

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  • Amy Lazer Beam

    Lazer Beam

    by @Amy

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  • Mary Stay With Me

    Stay With Me

    by @Mary

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  • Joe

    Break Is Over

    by @Joe

    Pause Iconplay icon
  • Chloe Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday

    by @Chloe

    Pause Iconplay icon
  • Cecilia Hallelujah


    by @Cecilia

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7 Singers,
8 Songs, Infinite Fun.

Choose among seven different AI singers and many different instrumentals (and more on the way!) from different genres like Pop, Trap, Hip Hop, Classica and more.

For each song, the singers whose voices best fit the track are highlighted as ‘Best Match,’ but we encourage you to experiment! Then, just type in your lyrics, hit generate and you’re ready to share! Way to meme-fy any text through music!

  • Joe


    Tenor voice with a ringing presence

  • mary


    Classical soprano with powerful tone and vibrato

  • Jerry


    Baritone voice with a deep and rich texture

  • Cecilia


    Mezzo voice with an elegant, mellow tone

  • Ed


    Pop voice with a warm and soothing tone

  • Amy


    Pop voice with sprightful attitude

  • Chloe


    Pop voice with a lush tone

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New Features and Tunes coming soon!

Stay ‘tuned’ (no pun intended) as we’re bringing you more creative tools and new songs.
Make sure you add Text To Song to your favorites!

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