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Funny Call App

You should not take your calls too seriously.

Call your friends with a funny / scary / different voice and make them laugh.


Select a voice and call your friends.

Tons of unique voices and sound effects.



An app made with passion 
by rodrigoscotti_ 

A simple concept. A genius execution. A job well done. Great UX, design and system architecture. Congratulations.

Okay, that's a fun toy! 
by ToyerNYC 

Clearly an app designed by someone for the joy of creating something good and useful rather than pure profit. Gives the user a wide range of variations with the freedom to goof off anywhere in between. One of my favorite iPhone apps. Well done.

The Best 
by PawnerMasterJS 

This is the best app I can frequently change my voice on xbox and make people laugh!! And it would be cool If you could have an anonymous voice so you troll people on Xbox like people do on YouTube!!!!!.....

No more boring calls. With Funny Call Voice Changer you can be silly and crazy, you should stop taking your calls too seriously. And the best of all, the calls are free!

Change your voice and have a lot of fun calling your friends. It’s the funniest app you ever used. With Funny Call Voice Changer you can call for FREE with a hilarious crazy helium voice that will make you and your friends laugh all the time.

Listen to your modified voice! Record your call, apply effects, and share them with your friends. You can send your changed voices directly to any of your favorite apps, like WhatsApp, Messenger, Vine or Twitter. That’s right! Create memes and share with your friends.