Stand-alone Audio Processing - C++

If you already have an audio capture process and you just need the Audio Engine to be in the middle of your audio stream to transform your audio buffer in real time.

After the SDK has been initialized you have access to all of this functions related with audio processing.


Process audio

(For exclusive use in Stand-alone Audio Processing mode)

You can process a set of audio frames to apply a voice effect. You have to select the API method depending on if the audio is mono or stereo and pass to the method an array with the input samples and the number of them. In the stereo case, you need to manage the audio as non-interleaved audio.

mono audio

stereo audio

In both methods the input array is overwritten with the output processed audio.


Set sample rate

(For exclusive use in Stand-alone Audio Processing mode)

The engine needs to be configured with the exact sample rate of the input audio samples. As default, the engine sample rate is set to 44100 samples per second when it is created. So, as soon as possible, you have to set the correct sample rate with this method:

If you need to know which is the current sample rate, you can call this API method: