Audio settings

If you are planning to work with audio in real time without headphones you have to take care about audio feedback. This feedback noise occurs when the output audio goes into the input audio and create an audio loop.

We have to options to avoid audio feedback, Talking mode or Echo Cancellation.

Talking mode

With this method you can activate the Talking mode. With this mode ON you will be able to use Voicemod as a talking engine (you talk, when you stop talking Voicemod start playing what you just said)

When the Talking mode is ON we recommend to set the Echo Cancellation OFF

Echo cancellation

This method will help you to avoid audio feedback when you are using Voicemod without headphones by using the system echo cancellation.

Background Sounds

This method will help you to enable/disable background sounds in all voices. This feature is available since version 1.1.0.