Post Processing


The method String[] VoicemodSDK.getPresetsNames() give you an array with the current voices names.

Convert methods

Given an audio or video file, the convert methods give you the possibility to generate a new file with audio modified. Indicating in the voiceName parameter any of the values returned by getPresetsNames.

VoicemodSDK.convertAudio( Uri source, String voiceName, ConvertListener handler)

VoicemodSDK.convertVideo( Uri source, String voiceName, ConvertListener handler)

ConvertListener handler

When the audio or video has been processed, a call will be made to the method:

In the audioOutputPath argument is the path where the modified file was stored.

This call is made in a thread other than UiThread, so if the action modifies the interface a call to runOnUiThread should be made.

Uri source

In the source parameter we specify the source path of the file to be modified.

Currently supported sources are:

  • File system files, with structure file://$FILE_PATH.
    Example: file:///data/user/0/
  • Files in the assets folder, with the structure file:///android_asset/$ASSET_PATH
    Example: file:///android_asset/demo-offline.m4a

Convert supported formats

The convert supported formats are the ones specified in the next url:

For example, you can record audio with the classes of the Android SDK, as shown in this example:

For best quality conversions sample rate must be changed to 44100 or 48000.

On future releases we are going to support more sample rates doing resampling.