Live Processing

After the SDK has been initializated you have access to all of this functions:


Start the engine

This method start the live processing engine, get the microphone input and starts modulation. This method need that user has been granted the RECORD_AUDIO and MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS permissions.

To request the permission you can see how we have done it in the sample application or consult the official android documentation.


Load Voice

You can load a voice using this method, the engine can be started or not, you can get a full list of the voices name using getPresetsNames method. If you pass nil as voice parameter to voice input will be processed without applying any effect.


Stop the engine

Call this method to stop microphone input.


Start recording audio

This method starts recording, if you dont wan't any previous audio recording call clearRecording to clean memory or the audio recorded will be added to previous one.


Stop recording audio

This method stops recording.


Save recording audio

Call this method to save the audio recorded to an audio wav file, this method internally call stopRecording to stop recording prior to save recording.


Clear any previous recordings

With Voicemod you can concatenate recordings in a single file if you start and stop recording more than once, call this method to clear any previous recordings.